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CLAY Venues

In the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, CLAY Venues is the perfect place for any bride looking for a clean slate. This urban and industrial venue is great for bride’s who want a unique wedding with the freedom to design the space in their own way. There are plenty of hotels nearby which makes it very easy to get to for you and your guests. Let’s look into what all they have to offer.

CLAY Venues is very fairly priced. Their venue fee ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the season you are getting married in and the day of the week that the wedding is on. This fee includes tables, black bentwood chairs, an event manager, lounge sets, and all of the décor that they have on site. Among the décor are multiple arches, a cute bar that can be

moved to any location in the building, and a closet full of items such as disco balls, battery powered candles with glasses to go in, easels, and more. If you want to take a minimalist approach with your decor, the string lights throughout the venue and chandelier balls create an

appealing aesthetic on their own. The venue rental includes 12 hour access for Friday and Saturday weddings and 10 hour access for Sunday - Thursday weddings. They have a flexible vendor policy and only require that they are licensed and insured. CLAY Venues is working on getting their liquor license to provide bar packages to their couples to make life a little easier!

This modern venue can have a few different layouts depending on the size of your wedding. They can fit up to 200 seated guests in their space. If you choose to do your ceremony at the back of the room, it will be flipped for the reception during cocktail hour. This is the best option for couple’s with a large wedding. If you have 100 guests or less, you can do your ceremony at

the front of the room and have your reception pre-set at the back. They have a curtain to divide the two areas so the design of either space is not disrupted. They have a lovely patio that is perfect for cocktail hour, and they will be extending it to the front of the building. The clear garage door at the front of the building can be open for summer events and is the perfect place for a grand entrance or exit.

There’s a lovely client suite on site that is a great space to get dressed once you’ve arrived at the venue. CLAY Venues also highly encourage their couples to use this room to have 10 minutes to themselves after their ceremony. Your wedding day will go by a lot faster than you think, so it’s nice to have this time to consciously have a quiet moment together. You can also use this time to add your signature to a wall near the suite that they have all of their couples sign.

CLAY Venues will only host one event per day to ensure that their couples have the team’s full attention. It’s a lovely venue with a very personable team to take care of your special day. If you want a downtown wedding, this is the place to go!

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